Canberra Matrix scoring 之堪培拉生活年限加分 How long have you lived in Canberra in the last eight years

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Canberra Matrix scoring -ACT 生活年限加分(适用于当前在ACT递交申请的 CANBERRA RESIDENT) - 飞出国

飞出国:2019年7月1日起,堪培拉州担保评分标准里在堪培拉的生活年限加分提高到了5年25分(之前是最高4年20分),不到一年不加分,然后在ACT每多居住一年就加5分,ACT 留学生有优势。

ACT 只参考获得邀请前的8年内在堪培拉的居住年限(lived in Canberra in the last eight years):

  • 一年允许去其他州累计6周
  • 每周可以在其他周学习1-2天
  • 对在ACT工作且住在离堪培拉30分钟车程内的也被认可

申请表格里需要填写详细的 ACT 居住历史记录。

CANBERRA RESIDENT 申请人在 ACT 居住年限加分表 - 飞出国

5年+ 25
4 - 5 年 20
3 – 4 年 15
2 – 3 年 10
1 – 2 年 5
不到一年 0

How long have you lived in Canberra in the last eight years?

  • For each year of residence claimed, you can have holidays interstate or overseas (up to six weeks per year) without it affecting your period of ACT residency.

  • You must record any period away from Canberra (seven days or more) in the ‘Summary of ACT residence’ at Attachment D.

  • You can also study interstate for one or two days a week. However, if you work interstate, or study more than two days a week interstate, you will not be considered an ACT resident for that period of absence.

  • Living within a 30 minute commute to Canberra is also accepted as long as you working in the ACT.


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