Bonus Points-额外加分-新西兰

Bonus Points-额外加分-飞出国

Bonus Points:除EOI(Expression of Interest)选择因素以外的其他额外加分。包括在不发达地区或者绝对技能短缺地区就业,获得工作经验和学历。同样可以通过在奥克兰以外工作,或在新西兰至少两年全日制学习。

You can qualify for additional points over and above the points you score against our selected factors in your Expression of Interest. Bonus points are available for employment, work experience and qualifications in identified areas of growth or absolute skill shortage. Bonus points are also available for employment outside Auckland, studying full-time in New Zealand for at least two years towards a recognised New Zealand qualification, gaining recognised New Zealand qualification(s) and for a partner’s recognised qualifications or skilled employment in New Zealand.

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新西兰外的工作经验,标黄色的BonusPoints 是拿不到的
标蓝色的Absolute Skills Shortage的Bonus Points可以拿到