Bona fide applicant-善意申请人-新西兰

Bona fide applicant-善意申请人-飞出国


  • 将合法留在新西兰
  • 不会违背任何签证授予的条件,
  • 如果需要能够离开或被遣送出境。

必须确认你是善意的申请人后才可以发放临时签证 (包括工作签证、 学生签证或旅游签证)。

要确定你是否是一个善意的申请人我们考虑大量的因素包括 (但不限于):

  • 已提交表明真实合法入境目的的证据
  • 离开新西兰或被驱逐到你国家的能力
  • 你在新西兰的移民史
  • 你个人的情况,如:
  • 在你的家乡和新西兰的家庭关系
  • 任何个人、 金融、 就业或其他承诺在你的家乡和新西兰
  • 其他保证会使你在你的签证到期时离开新西兰的情况。

A bona fide applicant for temporary entry is a person who genuinely intends a temporary stay in New Zealand for a lawful purpose. This is a person who:

  • will remain in New Zealand lawfully
  • will not breach the conditions of any visa granted, and
  • is able to leave or be deported from New Zealand if required.

We must be satisfied you are a bona fide applicant before we can grant you a temporary visa (such as a work visa, student visa or visitor visa).

To determine whether you are a bona fide applicant we consider a number of factors including (but not limited to):

  • any evidence of genuine and lawful purpose that you have submitted
  • the ability to leave New Zealand or be deported to your country of citizenship
  • your immigration history in New Zealand
  • your personal circumstances such as:
  • family ties in your home country and in New Zealand
  • any personal, financial, employment or other commitments in your home country and in New Zealand
  • any other circumstances that may discourage you from leaving New Zealand when your visa expires.