BC省取消确保邀请分数(guaranteed invitation scores)


Guaranteed ITA Scores Removed

As of February 19, 2020, there will no longer be BC PNP guaranteed invitation scores.

We introduced the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) in 2016. This is a points-based system that enables the Province to periodically invite the highest scoring registrants to apply while maintaining 2-3 month processing times. In the past, a guaranteed invitation score for each category was posted (subject to change) to illustrate the minimum points that an individual would need to be guaranteed an invitation to apply. The points were based on a sampling of pre-2016 BC PNP applications.

Since 2016, we have posted the scores for each draw. Applicants are able to view current and historical invitation to apply scores on our website which we will continue to update.

在2016年,BC省引入了Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)系统,该系统使省政府可以定期邀请得分最高的注册人进行申请。同时,BCS省为每个类别设定了确保邀请分数(guaranteed invitation scores),该分数的设定表明BC省政府期望申请人能够达到这个分数要求,换句话说,达到这个guaranteed invitation scores的申请人才可能入BC省的法眼。然而, guaranteed invitation scores分并不等同于最低邀请分。