AIMS 311213 医疗实验室技术员职业评估 Medical Laboratory Technician

AIMS 澳大利亚医学科学家研究所评估 311213 医学实验室技师(Medical Laboratory Technician)的基本要求是获得等同澳洲 Diploma 学历的医学实验室科学专业学历,近5年内有2年医学实验室技术员工作经验。

那些评估医学科学家但没有达到考试条件或没有通过考试的也会被自动评估为 311213 医学实验室技师(Medical Laboratory Technician)。

AIMS 评估的基本语言要求是:英语达到雅思总分7(A,G都可以),同时认可托福 和 PTE,TOEFL (95 points), and Pearson PTE Academic (65 points),3年有效。

To be assessed as a Medical Laboratory Technician - AIMS

The minimum requirements for a Medical Laboratory Technician are that an applicant has completed an award in medical laboratory science assessed as comparable to an Australian diploma from a Technical and Further Education College, based on the AEI Country Education Profile criteria, plus a minimum of two years diagnostic medical laboratory experience within the five year period immediately prior to applying for assessment OR registration with the New Zealand Medical Laboratory Science Board.

Applicants who do not qualify to sit the Professional Examination or who fail to pass the Examination may also be classified as a Medical Laboratory Technician.