Adult sibling/adult child-成年兄弟姐妹/成年子女-新西兰

Adult sibling/adult child-成年兄弟姐妹/成年子女-飞出国

Adult sibling/adult child:指年龄在18岁及以上的兄弟姐妹或者子女。年龄在18到24的,只有他们独立才符合该术语要求。

An ‘adult sibling’ or ‘adult child’ means a sibling or child aged 18 years or older.

Siblings and children aged 18 to 24 must only be considered ‘adult siblings’ or ‘adult children’ if they can satisfy an immigration officer that they are not dependent. (See F5.1(a) of the Operational Manual)
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For a full definition of Adult sibling/adult child, see our Operational Manual at SM 17.5.10.