ACT州担保递交分配到Case Officer后,根据提交的材料,Case Officer审核材料有不足或者缺失的,会通过邮件通知申请人补交材料,期限是7天

Subject: Further information requested - ACT 190 nomination - XXX - SM-XX2013-10XX CRM:0XXX

Dear XXX,

Thank you for submitting the application for ACT nomination to support a 190 visa. In order that processing can be finalized please provide the following information within 7 days by XXX:

· Employment research – further employment research is required. Of the 4 positions you provided 1 is not suitable as it is a Manager of a retail store and another requires the applicant to have a Diploma of Children’s Services, your CV doesn’t indicate you have this qualification. The employment research should be positions relevant to your nominated occupation of Training and Development Professional and you should provide an employment statement for each position provided addressing the criteria for the position and explaining how your qualifications, knowledge and experience relate to and meet the requirements of the advertised job.

The requested information should be emailed directly to me. If the information is not received by the due date the application will be finalized against the documentation already held which may result in the application for ACT nomination being refused.


Pat Dunne

Pat Dunne | Case Officer
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