Subject: Application for ACT nomination - Payment confirmed Reference No : SM-022014-XXX CRM:00XXX

Application Reference Number : SM-022014-XXX
Application Lodged Date: XXX/2014

Email: XXX

Date: XXX/2014 XXXAM

Dear Mr XXX

Application for Australian Capital Territory (ACT) nomination - Confirmation of service fee payment

Thankyou for your application for ACT nomination of a subclass 190 visa. Payment of the service fee has been confirmed and the application is now lodged and in the queue for processing.

The average processing time is currently 8 weeks. Applicants should note that this timeframe may vary depending on demand. Please do not contact the MIS team before this time elapses to enquire about the progress of the application as constant enquiry is time consuming and can delay processing.

Migration and Information Services (MIS) Team
Canberra, ACT.