ACT 190 2018年11月29日重开 The ACT 190 nomination program will reopen to all applicants on 29 November 2018

Skilled visa - ACT 190 nomination - flyabroad

飞出国:ACT 190 州担保2018年6月29日宣布关闭境外190类别申请,11月6日发布将于 2018年11月29日重新开放所有类别,2018-2019年度配额大概还是 800 个。

ACT 新开放后将不再是先到先得,而是主动邀请,与 NSW 一样了,类似高分选,但有更多主观性,有 ACT 留学工作经验的,职业紧缺且英语好的,已经找到 ACT 雇主 offer 的都会优先邀请。

Nominated Skilled Migration 190 visa pathway update

The ACT 190 Nomination program will reopen on 29 November 2018 with a new process for determining nominated applicants.

The ACT nominated Skilled Migration 190 visa pathway is intended to help address the specific skills shortages in the ACT. The number of available visa nominations each year is determined by the Commonwealth’s Department of Home Affairs for each state and territory and the ACT’s current allocation for 2018/19 is 800 nominations.

The pathway program will continue to be focused on occupations that are listed as ‘in-demand’, and assess a range of factors that support successful settlement and contribution to the ACT economy, such as previous residence and other ties to the ACT, English proficiency, and having a job offer in the ACT.

Demand for the 190 visa in the ACT has exceeded the Territory’s allocation in recent years, so replacing the first-in, first-served system with a merit-based assessment that is more in line with other jurisdictions around Australia will moderate supply and demand throughout the year and more effectively address the ACT’s skills needs.

Potential applicants that were close to qualifying to apply for subclass 190 nomination when the program was partially suspended in June 2018 may be eligible for additional points under the merit-based assessment system. This transitional measure will apply for the remainder of the 2018/19 program year.

The ACT Government consulted with program participants, migration agents, education providers, employers and others to develop the new nomination ranking system. This is a long-term policy change that will provide more certainty to prospective applicants, and will see ACT nominated places being supported throughout the year, without the need for sudden program closures.

Further details about the operation of the new approach will be provided to stakeholders in the coming weeks.

Effective Friday 29 June 2018:

Canberra residents:

• You are eligible to apply for ACT 190 nomination if your nominated occupation is listed as ‘ open’ on the current ACT Occupation List.

• You are not eligible to apply for ACT 190 nomination if your nominated occupation is listed as ‘ closed ‘on the current ACT Occupation List.

Overseas residents:

• The ACT 190 nomination program remains closed for overseas applicants without close ties to Canberra, and is now closed to overseas applicants with close ties to Canberra.




ACT 州担保高分选新政将于11月29日正式实施

ACT 190 州担保将于11月27日关闭,并与 29 日实施新的高分选政策。

Effective 27 November 2018 at 4pm (AEST): the current ACT 190 nomination program will close to ALL applicants to allow time for system upgrades.

Effective 29 November 2018: the new ACT 190 nomination Program will reopen and you will be able to express your interest in ACT 190 nomination.

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