ACS可以作为GTI杰出人才移民项目的提名机构ACS Nomination for Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program

飞出国2021澳大利亚GTI杰出人才移民项目介绍 Global Talent Visa Program 说起,

1. ACS机构可以给哪些领域的GTI申请提名呢?


  • 数字技术(量子信息,先进数字,数据科学,ICT,网络安全等)
  • 金融科技(申请人以技术为核心)
  • 农业技术(申请人以技术为核心)

DoHA accepts GTI nominations from the ACS and considers the ACS as an organisation with a national reputation in the following target sector groups under the GTI program:

  • DigiTech (Quantum Information/Advanced Digital/Data Science/ICT/Cyber Security etc.)
  • FinTech (candidates with a predominantly tech focus)
  • AgTech (candidates with a predominantly tech focus)


2. 如何申请ACS机构的提名呢?


  • 提交GTI的EOI申请
  • 收到邀请后,会有人才识别码
  • 申请创建immiAccount账号
  • 将个人简历通过email发给ACS申请提名,并说明可以为澳洲带来什么贡献 attaching a detailed CV/Resume and explaining why you would be an asset to the Australian tech sector
  • ACS会根据申请人简历以及补充信息初步判断是否可以提名 We may request further information and will advise whether ACS can proceed with a nomination
  • 如果ACS认同申请人,则会受理申请,要求缴费500澳币,进一步审理申请人的情况或者进行面试(面试通过电话或者视频进行,以便确认申请人的背景情况 We may also require a brief phone or video interview and may use a range of means to investigate a candidates background.)
  • 申请人按照ACS要求缴纳费用,提交材料,包括护照首页,移民局邀请信,申请人所在的领域,申请人个人成就方面的证明

If suitable, we will ask for a fee payment of $500 and the following information:

  • Colour scan of passport bio-page
  • Evidence of Visa Invitation from Department of Home Affairs (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of which target sector(s) above you believe would apply to you

Further details to substantiate how you meet the following criteria:

  • Whether you are internationally recognised, and your achievements are also exceptional and outstanding
  • Whether you are still prominent in your field
  • Whether your settlement in Australia will be an asset to the Australian community
  • Whether your contribution will be of benefit to Australia as a whole.
  • ACS提名通过,会提供提名信给移民局并签署Form 1000推荐表
  • 申请人可以用ACS签署的Form 1000用于递交签证申请