2019年2月28日南澳调整州担保政策,降低留学生移民门槛 Changes to Immigration SA's general skilled migration nomination policies



Changes to general skilled migration nomination policies

Immigration SA is introducing some changes to its general skilled migration nomination policies. All involve offering greater opportunity for nomination, with graduates of South Australia’s educational institutions particularly benefiting.




  • 曾经或现在正在南澳留学的国际留学生;
  • 自2012年3月起(或更早)一直连续居住在南澳地区;
  • 到目前为止,正在南澳工作满3个月以上(行业不限,对skill level无要求,每两周不少于40小时),或目前正在澳洲就读注册时长在46周及以上的课程(至少1年的课程)。

Rewarding international students that have been long-term residents of South Australia

Immigration SA recognises the long pathway that some students take to achieving their career and permanent residency goals.

Immigration SA particularly would like to recognise those current and former students that have contributed to and remained in South Australia (and no other jurisdiction) for many years, showing their ongoing commitment to the state.

From 28 February 2019, Immigration SA will offer state nomination for the Provisional 489 visa to any applicant who:

  • Is a current or former international student residing in South Australia; AND
  • Has resided continually in South Australia since March 2012 or earlier and continues to reside in South Australia; AND
  • Is currently:
    • working in South Australia in any occupation (does not have to be at a skilled level) for at least the last 3 months (minimum of 40 hours per fortnight); OR
    • studying a course with a minimum duration of one academic year in South Australia.

Finer detail:

  • This policy is being introduced as a pilot initially. Immigration SA reserves the right to change its nomination requirements, whilst Commonwealth requirements may also change.
  • Applicants will need to show evidence that they have remained in South Australia continuously since March 2012. This includes confirmation of the various courses enrolled in, visa subclasses held and residency over time.
  • Applicants who have lived, studied or worked in another Australian jurisdiction for any period of time since 2012 will not be eligible. Verification checks will apply.
  • Short visits home or holidays will not break the SA residency requirement, provided that evidence of continued connection to South Australia is provided (i.e. continued enrolment and/or employment and relevant visa held).
  • To be considered a former international graduate of South Australia, you must have completed a CRICOS registered course with a minimum duration of 46 weeks.
  • If currently studying, this course must also be CRICOS registered for a minimum of 46 weeks.
  • The applicant must meet all other state nomination and Department of Home Affairs’ requirements. As per any application for state nomination, a valid Skills Assessment and English language test result is required. For the latter, only the minimum Department of Home Affairs requirement of ‘Competent’ English is necessary (unless a higher level is required for registration purposes - see 6.5 and 9.10).


对于南澳的优秀比毕业生类别,关于经验豁免的政策有所调整:之前是GPA 6.0以上的申请人,无需工作经验即可申请190签证,如今扩大到成绩没那么好的毕业生——即GPA 5.2-5.99之间的申请人,无需工作经验即可申请489签证。


  • 在南澳完成本科或硕士课程(硕士之前的本科也必须在南澳完成);
  • 毕业后两年内递交州担申请。

Expansion of the high performing graduate category for South Australian graduates

Immigration SA offers state nomination without the need for work experience to students able to obtain a skills assessment where they can meet the high performing graduate settings.

For South Australian graduates with a bachelor’s degree graduates or a masters by coursework after a South Australian bachelor’s degree, this work experience waiver required a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 6.0. This mark remains for those seeking nomination for a permanent 190 visa.

For other students who have performed very well in their studies, but not to a GPA of 6.0 and above, Immigration SA will offer Provisional visa nomination (subclass 489) to those scoring a GPA of 5.20 to 5.99. This will allow these students to spend longer in South Australia than via other temporary pathways available, giving them more time to establish their careers.

This expansion is most relevant to those students completing courses where an occupational skills assessment is possible immediately upon course completion, such as engineering and accounting/business degrees. Some courses, particularly those assessed by VETASSESS, require at least 12 months of skilled work experience before a skills assessment can be awarded.

To access this waiver, the applicant must have completed their South Australia degree within the last two years and continued to live in South Australia since then.


南澳的连锁式亲属担保类别(Chain Migration Policy)始于2014年7月,之前要求申请人有长期居住在南澳的直系亲属、职业为州担保职业列表中的受限职业及补充职业列表中的职业、并且有本科及以上学位,可申请该类别的489签证。此次调整南澳取消了对学位的要求。这意味着就很多从事技工类职业、职业不在南澳州担保职业清单上、但拥有符合条件的南澳直系亲属的申请人,可以申请南澳连锁式亲属担保类别。

Minor change to Chain Migration Policy (removal of bachelor’s degree requirement)

Since its introduction in July 2014, chain migration has allowed a pathway for many migrants to join with their family members in South Australia.

For applicants with an eligible family member already residing in South Australia, the chain migration pathway offers access to occupations on the Supplementary Skilled List, but since its introduction, this required a minimum bachelor’s degree or higher.

This bachelor’s degree requirement has now been removed, meaning access to a range of trade occupations that are not on the State Nominated Occupation List is now possible for those with eligible family in South Australia.

The chain migration pathway continues to offer access to a provisional visa, not a permanent visa.

It remains important that chain migration applicants carefully consider their likelihood of achieving skilled employment in their nominated occupation or any other occupation when making the decision to migrate, as they are being nominated primarily based on their close family links. We expect that the existing family member will be on hand to provide considerable settlement support as required.

飞出国: 南澳州政府的这次政策变化,主要是针对于489签证的政策调整,依据南澳的政策,一旦获得489提名则不能再申请190,因此此次调整显然是为了吸引更多的留学生去南澳留学,为在南澳毕业的留学生——尤其是长期就读及居住于南澳地区的学生、以及成绩尚可且愿意继续留在南澳工作居住的学生提供了更为便捷的移民途径。



  • 曾經或現在正在南澳留學的國際留學生;
  • 自2012年3月起(或更早)一直連續居住在南澳地區;
  • 到目前為止,正在南澳工作滿3個月以上(行業不限,對skill level無要求,每兩週不少於40小時),或目前正在澳洲就讀註冊時長在46週及以上的課程(至少1年的課程)。





如果我申请了州担保给了我489,我不想要可以过期自动作废下一次再申请190吗? 还是说 如果南澳政府给了我489 不管我接受不接受都不会给我190了?