加拿大2015EE邀请后文件清单(Express Entry Checklist)


加拿大2015EE获得邀请后需要先填写详细基本信息,和旧政策下的申请表上的信息差不多,全部填写完整后Continue,然后生成Your document checklist,根据list上传文件(飞出国)。


  • 身份类:结婚证公证,身份证,护照,无犯罪公证,孩子的出生公证(没有要求大人的出生公证);
  • 工作文件就是主副申请10年内工作推荐信及辅助文件如工资单;
  • 学历文件:主副申请毕业证&学位证,没有要求成绩单;
  • 资金证明
  • 额外增加的就是需要上传电子照片和体检凭证(EE下需要先体检)



一 Document: Employment Records(工作,飞出国)

You must provide proof of each of your current and previous work experiences. 所有工作。

Your evidence should include a reference letter from your employer and previous pay stubs, where available. 推荐信和收入证明。

The reference letter is an official document printed on company letterhead and must include your name, the company’s contact information (address, telephone number and e-mail address), the signature of your immediate supervisor or personnel officer at the company and a business card of the person signing the letter. The letter should indicate all positions held while employed at the company and must include the following details: job title, duties/responsibilities, job status (if current job), the dates you worked for the company, the number of work hours per week and your annual salary plus benefits.

二 Document: Police Certificates (Multiple)(无犯罪,不需要加拿大的,飞出国)

You must provide a police certificate for every country, region or territory, other than Canada, in which you lived for 6 months or more. A police certificate is a copy of your criminal record, or a declaration of the absence of any criminal record.

Police certificates are different in each country and territory and may be called police clearance certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, etc. They are issued by police authorities or government departments and used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to determine a person’s admissibility to enter Canada.

Certain countries will not issue a police certificate, or provide the certificate directly to you. If this applies to you please provide a letter of explanation in lieu of a police certificate.

You will be advised if you are required to obtain a police certificate for Canada.

三 Document: Proof of Means of Financial Support (资产证明,飞出国)

Temporary Residents: If you are visiting Canada, you must prove that you can support yourself and the family members accompanying you while you are in Canada by providing as many of the following documents:

  • your bank statements for the past four months
  • a bank draft in convertible currency
  • pay stubs
  • an employment letter
  • proof of assets or business
  • proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees
  • tax reports, declarations or statements
  • proof of a student/education loan from a financial institution
  • a letter from the person or institution providing you with money
  • proof of funding paid from within Canada, if you have a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded educational program
  • proof of a Canadian bank account in your name if money has been transferred to Canada

Express Entry: Permanent Residents: If you are applying for permanent residence in Canada, you must provide an official letter issued by your financial institution indicating your financial profile.

  • Your financial profile includes a listing of all your bank (chequing and savings) and investment accounts. The official letter must be printed on the letterhead of the financial institution and must include your name, the contact information of the financial institution (address, telephone number and e-mail address), the account numbers, dates of when each account was opened and the balance of each account over the previous 6 months
  • You must scan all proof of funds documents and save them as one file.

四 Document: Proof of Medical Exam(体检证明,飞出国)

You require a medical exam.

Instructions on how to get an upfront medical exam are available at: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/medical/medexams-temp.asp

In order to submit your online application, you will need to upload either the information printout sheet, or the IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form. Your doctor will give you one of these documents when you complete your medical exam.

五 Document: Education Diplomas/Degrees (学历证明,飞出国)

You must provide proof that you completed your post?secondary education, such as a diploma and/or degree.

Examples of post?secondary education are:

  • trade/apprenticeship
  • training completed in a specific trade, such as carpentry or auto mechanics
  • non-university certificate/diploma
  • training in a profession that requires formal education but not at the university level (for example, dental technician or engineering technician)
  • a Bachelor’s degree
  • an academic degree awarded by a college or university to those who completed an undergraduate curriculum; also called a baccalaureate. (e.g., a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Education)
  • a Master’s degree
  • an academic degree awarded by a graduate school of a college or university (You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree before a Master’s degree can be earned.)
  • A Ph.D. (A Ph.D. is the highest university degree usually based on at least three years of graduate studies and a thesis. Normally, you must have completed a Master’s degree before a PhD can be earned.)

六 Document: Digital Photo (照片电子版,飞出国)


  • The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8" x 1 ?").
  • The photographs must show the full front view of the head, with the face in the middle of the photograph, and include the top of the shoulders.
  • The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31 mm and 36 mm
  • Digital dimensions are often expressed in pixels or DPI (dots per inch). The physical dimensions in pixels must be at least 420 x 540.

If an existing photo is being scanned, the minimum resolution must be 600 pixels per inch.

File Format-FLYabroad:
The file may be submitted in JPEG or JPEG2000 format.

File Size-FLYabroad:
The final size of the image should be ideally 240 kB (kilobytes), but not less than 60 kB.

The image must be in color (24 bits per pixel) in sRGB colour space which is the common output for most digital cameras

七 Document: National ID (Multiple) Document: Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple) (身份类,飞出国)

  • You must provide a clear, legible copy of your travel document.
  • Your travel document must show proof of status (citizenship or residency), as well as photo identification. Your travel document must be issued by a government and include your name, photo, date of birth, document number, and the issue and expiry dates, if applicable. A travel document is used only by individuals who cannot obtain a passport. If you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, a citizen of Denmark living in Greenland, or a citizen of France living in St. Pierre and Miquelon, you are not required to present a travel document. You may present an identity document. Your identity document must show proof of status or citizenship as well as photo identification. Your identity document must include your name, photo, date of birth, document number, and the issue and expiry dates. This document must be issued by your country of citizenship or permanent residence. You must ensure that the identity document you present provides proof of status or citizenship and photo identification. If not, you must scan all necessary identity documents and save them under one identity document file.

八 Document: Birth Registration/Certificate (子女需要出生公证,飞出国)

Provide a birth certificate, or birth registration. This is the official document that includes a person’s name, and place and date of birth.

九 Document: Letter of Explanation(说明信,飞出国)

If you would like to provide more information about your application that you have not already provided, you can attach a letter of explanation to your application.

飞出国:EE获得邀请后上传资料要求,每类文件只能合并一个上传且大小不能超过4M。例如:推荐信,名片,工资单来证明工作的文件 只能合并一起,优化大小不能超过4M。


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工作推荐信的话 需要公证么? 老板可以直接给出具英文版的推荐信。
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