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Represents the interests of people in a constituency as their elected member to national, state or territory parliament.

111312 国会议员职位别名 - FLYabroad

  • 111312 国会议员 Parliamentarian (A)
  • 111312 行政部长 Chief Minister (Aus) (S)
  • 111312 政府部长 Government Minister (S)
  • 111312 立法议会成员 Member of the Legislative Assembly (Aus) (S)
  • 111312 立法委员会成员 Member of the Legislative Council (Aus) (S)
  • 111312 总理 Premier (Aus) (S)
  • 111312 首相 Prime Minister (S)
  • 111312 参议员 Senator (Aus) (S)

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  • 不属于新西兰绝对紧缺职业

111312 国会议员执业注册要求(不代表移民要求) - FLYabroad

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Income of persons working full-time

111312A 职业全职与兼职从业者税前周薪比较(Income Based On Employment Status Per Week - Before tax)

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What’s it like to be a Parliamentarian?

Parliamentarians are elected by the people (constituents) of a particular
region (such as an electorate) to represent their interests. They make
decisions in federal, state or territory parliaments and undertake activities
in their local electorates.

Parliamentarians have a high level of personal contact with the public.
Elected parliamentarians tend to spend most of their time working with
constituents who are seeking assistance with issues such as pensions,
taxation, immigration, education, health services, visas and other matters of
public concern.

How much can I expect to earn?

Full-time employed Parliamentarian earn an average of $1691 per week. The
[average annual salary for this job is $87932 excluding super.]

Personal requirements

  • good oral and written communication skills
  • enjoy talking to, working with and helping people
  • able to apply sound judgment
  • enjoy dealing with issues in current affairs and politics
  • prepared to work long hours
  • willing to travel and live away from home when required
  • sound management skills.

This job also involves:

Mainly indoor work

Workers performing these jobs would usually be expected to spend more than
three-quarters of their day indoors, in an office, factory or other enclosed
area protected from the weather.

Reading or writing

These jobs require moderate or better reading and writing skills. Workers may
be expected to prepare, understand or act on written materials, such as
letters or reports. People may wish to avoid these jobs if their reading or
writing English skills are limited to a small range of words or phrases and
symbols. Jobs remaining may still require very basic reading or writing

Sitting for long periods

The main duties and tasks involved in these jobs are usually performed sitting
down at a desk, counter, workbench or other location for periods of at least
two hours at a stretch.

This occupation offers jobs at the following skill levels:

Professional Jobs

Jobs in this group usually require completion of a recognised Bachelor Degree,
or extensive relevant experience. Some jobs also require post-graduate study,
such as a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master Degree.

Study requirements

At school, you can study these subject(s) to get a good foundation for this


School subjects that include some aspect of ECONOMICS provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases an economics-related subject is a pre-
requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.


School subjects that include some aspect of English provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases an English-related subject is a pre-
requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.


School subjects that include some aspect of HISTORY provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases a history-related subject is a pre-
requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.

Duties and tasks of a Parliamentarian

Parliamentarians may perform the following tasks:

  • present issues for debate and discussion in parliament
  • propose and debate new legislation and changes to existing legislation
  • develop policy that best serves the interests of the public and the electorate
  • investigate matters of concern to the public or particular interest groups
  • present petitions on behalf of concerned interest groups
  • serve on parliamentary committees or enquiries
  • manage an office in their home electorate and in the house of parliament.