NSW 188 新州商业创新与投资签证(临时)- New South Wales Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)

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新州188商业创新与投资签证(临时) - 飞出国

NSW Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188).

新州188签证简介 - 飞出国

188商业创新与投资签证面向有意在澳大利亚创办经营新企业或现有企业的人士以及有意在澳大利亚投资的人士。188 属于临时投资移民签证,符合条件后可以转 888 永居投资移民签证。


  • 188A商业创新类别:面向具备商业技能且有意在澳大利亚创办、发展和管理新企业或现有企业的人士。
  • 188B投资者类别:面向有意在澳大利亚某州或领地的指定投资项目投资至少 150 万澳元,并在澳大利亚保持商业和投资活动的人士。
  • 188C显赫投资者类别:面向有意对澳大利亚合规投资项目投资至少 500 万澳元,并在澳大利亚保持商业和投资活动的人士。申请人必须先获得澳大利亚某州或领地政府或澳贸委提名。
  • 188D至尊投资者类别PIV:面向有意对澳大利亚合规高端投资项目投资至少 1500 万澳元,并长期在澳大利亚保持商业和投资活动的人士。申请人先必须获得澳贸委提名。

新州188签证获得新州提名的条件 - 飞出国

  • 拥有成功的经商和/或投资历史
  • 拥有充足的个人与商业资产
  • 申请时未满 55 岁
  • 在联邦相应评分测试中至少获得 65 分
  • 符合 DIBP 的其它相关要求

188C显赫投资者签证 - 飞出国




  • 至少50万澳元投资于符合条件且投资新兴公司与小型私营公司的澳大利亚风投资本或成长型私募股权基金。政府计划根据市场反应,在未来两年内将这一数额提高至100万澳元;
  • 至少150万澳元投资于符合条件的新兴公司的管理基金或上市投资公司(LIC);以及
  • 最多300万澳元用于剩余资金投资,投资于管理基金或上市投资公司,此类管理基金或上市投资公司须投资于符合条件的资产组合,包括澳大利亚上市股票、符合条件的公司债券或票据、年金和房地产(其中住宅房地产以10%为限)。

新州至尊投资者签证PIV - 飞出国


至尊投资者签证面向有意对澳大利亚合规高端投资项目投资至少 1500 万澳元,并维持该投资至少 12 个月的创业型

申请人必须先获得澳大利亚政府代表机构澳贸委的提名。合规高端投资项目可以是 1500 万澳元的投资、或慈善捐赠、或投资与慈善捐赠的任意组合。慈善投资需获得澳大利亚某州或领地政府的书面批准。



本签证允许持有者在批签 12 个月后申请澳大利亚永久居留权。



  • 对合规投资项目投资至少 1500 万澳元
  • 拥有卓越商业才能
  • 能将才能用在为澳大利亚带来长期经济效益的领域
  • 通过品格/诚信审查




NSW 新南威尔士州2018年底暂停商业移民申请

飞出国:2018年12月18日,澳洲新南威尔士州(New South Wales)官网宣布暂停所有商业移民类别申请,


2019年1月2日 QLD 也宣布暂停 188 类及132类商业移民,移民要趁早, QLD 188 昆士兰商业创新与投资签证(临时签证)- Queensland BUSINESS INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT (PROVISIONAL) VISA (SUBCLASS 188)

Business migration to NSW


Applications for NSW nomination for business and investor visas are closed until further notice

NSW has temporarily closed applications for nomination for certain visas under the federal government’s Business Innovation and Investment Program pending the release of additional places by the Department of Home Affairs.

We will advise when applications for NSW nomination are open again.

Go to the How to apply and application forms page for details of visa subclasses currently closed.

Business migration to NSW

New South Wales (NSW) has a dynamic business environment that is truly world class. With our growing economy, the opportunities here are abundant making NSW the top destination in which to launch your future.

NSW has a diverse economy and a stable and low-risk business environment that is supported by world’s best-practice financial and legal systems. Major investments in infrastructure such as roads and public transport are further boosting growth and improving services that support business in our state.

Supporting business migrants

There is no better time to make the move and take advantage of the abundant opportunities available in New South Wales. The NSW Government welcomes business migrants who plan to set up a business or invest in NSW.

To ensure NSW remains a competitive business migration destination, we are continuously improving our business migration program.

These improvements are aligned with the NSW Government’s approach to economic development that focuses on enablers of growth and the state’s priorities.

NSW welcomes entrepreneurs

As Australia’s capital of innovation, Sydney and NSW offer an internationally competitive and compelling location for potential entrepreneur visa applicants. NSW welcomes international entrepreneurs and innovators through this program and offers competitive nomination criteria for this visa.

Visit Visa categories and nomination criteria for more information on our commitment to make Sydney and NSW the preferred destination for business and investor migrants, including potential entrepreneur visa applicants.

Industry engagement program

On Monday 23 May 2016 we launched a new industry engagement program aimed at showcasing Sydney and NSW’s business and investor opportunities. The initiative promotes the business economy, education, healthcare and lifestyle benefits of moving to Australia’s premier state.

An exciting fresh video and print collateral, including a pilot roadshow to China, brings the program to life and demonstrates Sydney and NSW’s appeal to key migration industry stakeholders and business, entrepreneur and investor migrants.

Shorter processing times

From 29 August 2016, we implemented a shorter processing time for the business talent (permanent) visa (subclass 132). We now allocate a relationship officer to your case within 24 business hours of receiving your application. For complete applications, we will advise of an outcome within five (5) business days.

NSW reserves the right to assess the applicant’s genuine and realistic commitment to conduct their proposed business activity in NSW. Processing times will be longer when time is needed to assess this.

Easy-to-use application form

Effective 1 March 2016, applicants seeking NSW nomination for the 188A visa are able to apply with a new easy-to-use application form that replaces the “Business Commitment” document previously required with the NSW nomination application. The new form has straightforward questions that ask the applicant to provide an overview of their proposed business intentions in NSW.

The new form does not remove the requirement for 188A nominees to set up a business in Sydney and/or regional NSW, but removes some of the unnecessary paperwork in the early stages of the application process. Applicants who are granted a visa and migrate to NSW are required to update the NSW Department of Industry of their business activity within 12 months of moving to NSW. Find out more by subscribing to our e-newsletter.

Business Innovation and Investment (BIIP) visa

NSW nominates suitable applicants to apply for a business or investor visa under the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP). To be eligible for NSW nomination you must meet the NSW nomination criteria and Department of Home Affairs visa criteria.

The Business Innovation and Investment visa program is a two stage process for most applicants.

The Business Innovation and Investment visa has five streams:

  • The Business Innovation stream is for people who wish to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia.
  • The Investor stream is for people who wish to make a designated investment in an Australian state or territory and want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia after the original investment has matured.
  • The Significant Investor stream is for eligible applicants who are willing to invest at least AUD5 million into complying investments in Australia.
  • The Premium Investor stream is for eligible applicants who have been nominated by Austrade.
  • The Entrepreneur stream is for people who wish to undertake a complying entrepreneurial activity that leads to either the commercialisation of a product or service, or development of a business in Australia.

Business Talent (Permanent) (subclass 132) visa

NSW nominates eligible applicants in the both the Significant Business History (SBH) stream and the Venture Capital Entrepreneur (VCE) stream.

Significant Business History (SBH) stream

The Significant Business History stream is for people with a highly successful business background who plan to be owners or part owners and have a major management role in a NSW business.

Potential applicants for this visa who are considering a business in property development should contact us before preparing an application.

Venture Capital Entrepreneur (VCE) stream

The Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream is for people who have sourced venture capital funding from a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).​ The funding must be for the start-up, product commercialisation or business development of a promising high-value business idea which would benefit NSW. An active management role in the business is also required.

Potential applicants for this visa must contact us before submitting an application.

A pre-assessment interview may then be arranged which will usually require an applicant to talk through their business proposal and business background, their relationship with the proposed Venture Capital company and their plans to actively manage the business in NSW.

Application assistance

NSW Department of Industry does not provide a migration assistance service. Applicants seeking migration advice may wish to engage a Migration Agent. Applicants who engage a migration agent should ensure the agent is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Read more about NSW business nomination criteria and how to apply and application forms. Application fees are not refundable

Nomination by NSW

Whilst NSW seeks to adopt a facilitative approach, applicants are responsible for meeting requirements for NSW nomination. Nomination is at the discretion of the NSW Department of Industry.


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