NSNP 企业家类别获邀提交省提名申请,第二步 ITA,Invitation to Apply

NSNP 企业家移民第二步-获邀提交 NSOI 省提名申请·飞出国2019

飞出国:NSNP 企业家类别提交 EOI 后,第二步就是等待,当达到 NSNP Entrepreneur Stream 邀请分数时会获得 NSOI 邀请,来准备具体的申请资料。包括 申请表,支撑材料,企业建立计划(BEP),净资产评估。

NSNP 企业家移民申请获得邀请后,时间上要求获得 ITA 邀请后 20 天内选定净资产评估的第三方机构并通知 NSOI 新省移民办公室,90天内准备好所有表格,支撑材料,企业计划书,180天内提交具体净资产报告。

Step 2: Invitation to Apply - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream - flyabroad

If your EOI is selected you will receive an ITA letter from NSOI. This letter will include an ITA File Number.

As part of your application to NSOI, you are expected to provide the following:

  1. A complete application form, which can be found at http://novascotiaimmigration.com/movehere/entrepreneur ;
  2. All supporting documentation, a list of which can be found in Appendix B(flyabroad);
  3. A Business Establishment Plan (see below for more information); and
  4. A Net Worth Verification Report (see below for more information)

All documentation for your application must be provided in English or French. NSOI will only accept translations prepared by certified translators.

Translators must be certified by a regulatory body and cannot be a dependent or relative of the applicant or spouse, or common-law partner, or work for a paid consultant or representative who is preparing the application. The applicant must also supply proof from the translator describing their translation ability or certification.

Application Form - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream - flyabroad

The application form for the Entrepreneur stream can be found at http://novascotiaimmigration.com/movehere/entrepreneur .

You must list all dependents on your application to the Entrepreneur Stream whether or not they are coming to Canada with you. Any new dependents must be declared to NSOI and IRCC before any visas are issued.

Supporting Documentation - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream - flyabroad

You need to provide supporting documents with your application form. Please carefully review Appendix B which provides the Entrepreneur Document Checklist and outlines all required documents.

Business Establishment Plan - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream - flyabroad

You will need to submit a Business Establishment Plan as part of your application. This must include the following:

  • Your plan to establish a business that aligns with the points assigned in the Entrepreneur Stream Points Grid.
  • Ownership of at least one third (33.33%) of the equity of a business in Nova Scotia.
  • Commitment to provide active and on-going participation in the day to day management and direction of the business at the business site; and
    • to create at least one employment opportunity for a Canadian or permanent resident in Nova Scotia (non-relative workers) if starting a new business; or
    • to offer to the existing staff similar terms and conditions to what they already enjoy, including maintaining existing wages and employment terms if purchasing an existing business.
  • If you are purchasing an existing business, you are required to make a mandatory exploratory visit to Nova Scotia to investigate the business you intend to buy. Details of your completed exploratory visit need to be included with the Business Establishment Plan.

For full details on Business Establishment Plan, please see Appendix C. Please note that NSOI reserves the right to have your Business Establishment Plan assessed by professional third parties identified by the Government of Nova Scotia at the cost of the applicant. The assessment conducted by identified third parties will focus on the preparation and due diligence conducted by the applicant in preparing their proposed business plan. Please note that once a Business Establishment Plan has been assessed by NSOI, no changes to the Business Establishment Plan will be permitted without the written approval of NSOI.

Net Worth Verification Report - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream - flyabroad

As part of your application, you must provide a Net Worth Verification Report. This report must be prepared by one of NSOI’s designated Net Worth Verifiers, as listed at: http://novascotiaimmigration.com/move-here/entrepreneur. These verifiers are experts in assessing net worth and legal accumulation of net worth.

You must select one of the designated net worth verifiers, who will assess your net worth and the legal accumulation of your net worth. You are responsible for submitting the required documents to the Net Worth Verifier. A Document Checklist which lists the documents that will be required by the Net Worth Verifiers can be found at http://novascotiaimmigration.com/move-here/entrepreneur. Please be aware that the Net Worth Verifiers may request documents in addition to those listed in the checklist and may call you for an interview, if necessary.

Once the report is completed, you should submit this report to NSOI for inclusion with your application. In order to ensure a prompt verification process by the third party of your choice, please ensure that all information is up to dateand accurate.

Applicants should supply their ITA file number to their chosen Net Worth Verifier when submitting their supporting financial documents for review.

Any and all costs associated with the provision of services by the Net Worth Verifier is the complete responsibility of the applicant.

Note: If the information in your application does not materially match the information in your EOI, your application will be rejected and your file will be closed. If misrepresentation is found, you will be unable to submit another EOI to NSOI for five years. If your situation or any of your information has changed and these changes would result in a loss of points or you would no longer meet the minimum criteria, then you should request to withdraw your EOI and not submit an application.

Selection for Selection for an ITA does not guarantee that your application will be approved or that you will receive nomination or permanent residence.

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NSOI 对申请资料进行审核

飞出国:ITA 后按新省移民局要求提交自己后 NSOI 会对企业家移民申请人材料进行完整性和合格性评估(Eligibility and Completion Check)。如果提交的资料与之前 EOI 里宣称的不一样将会被拒签并且5年内不能再次申请新省省提名项目。

NSOI Assessment of Your Application- NSNP Entrepreneur Stream ITA - flyabroad

Eligibility and Completion Check- NSNP Entrepreneur Stream ITA - flyabroad

After your application is received and subject to application volumes, NSOI will review your application to ensure that it is complete and meets eligibility criteria before it is accepted for assessment. If your application is not complete or if you do not meet basic eligibility requirements, your application will be rejected and your file will be closed. After your file is closed, you would need to start the entire process over again if you still wish to apply to the NSNP through the Entrepreneur Stream.

Assessment- NSNP Entrepreneur Stream ITA - flyabroad

NSOI will conduct a full review and evaluation of the complete application, subject to application volumes and the possible circumstances set out in this Guide under “Disclaimer.” The processing time for a completed application eligible for consideration will depend on the time required for the verification of documents included in the application and on the volume of applications received. Your application will be assessed against the Entrepreneur Stream Eligibility Criteria and your EOI points assessment will be verified. If upon review of your application you do not meet Entrepreneur Stream Eligibility Criteria your application will be declared ineligible, and subsequently closed.

  • If your application is declared ineligible you may choose to submit a new EOI once you meet program criteria.

If it is found that you or any person associated with your application or Expression of Interest intentionally omitted relevant information or provided misleading information:

  • Your application will be refused, and
  • You will not be permitted to submit an EOI or application to the NSNP for a period of five years. This decision cannot be appealed.

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