SINP Hospitality Sector Project Sub-Category-萨省经验类移民酒店服务行业对申请人及雇主的要求


SINP Hospitality Sector Project Sub-Category - 萨省酒店服务行业申请条件 - 飞出国

萨省省提名经验类移民 - 酒店业试点项目(加拿大境内申请)

  1. 有以下职业的有效工作许可:
    1. NOC 6453 食品饮料服务员
    2. NOC 6641 厨房帮工
    3. NOC 6661 家政/清洁工
  2. 在萨省至少工作了6个月
  3. 固定全职的Job Offer
  4. 有效的Job Approval Letter
  5. 最低高中学历(或同等学历)
  6. 有良好的英语水平最低 CLB4

This Hospitality Sector Project sub-category is for foreign workers who want to apply for permanent residency and:

  • Are currently working in Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit;
  • Have been working with an SINP Hospitality-approved employer for a minimum of six months (960 hours); and
  • Are working in one of the following jobs:
  • Food/Beverage Server (NOC 6453)
  • Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper (NOC 6641)
  • Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff (NOC 6661)
  • Meet the sub-category criteria. The criteria can change at any time, but we’ll use what was on this website when we received your complete application.


To apply for SINP nomination through this sub-category, you must:

  • Have completed at least Grade 12 education (or its equivalent).
  • Work for an employer that has been approved by the SINP to participate in the Hospitality Sector Project. The SINP won’t accept applications from hospitality sector employees who begin working for their employer before the employer receives SINP approval.
  • To find out if your employer is SINP-approved, ask for a copy of their letter of approval.
  • Work in Saskatchewan for at least six months and meet all your employer’s work and performance standards.
  • Have an offer of permanent, full-time employment from an approved Saskatchewan Hospitality employer
  • Have at least Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 or higher English language ability in all four categories (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
  • Have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter

Temporary Foreign Workers - flyabroad

If you’re a temporary foreign worker and are interested in this sub-category:

  1. Your employer would have to submit a completed SINP-500-4 Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Settlement Plan to the SINP.
  2. Once this plan is approved and you’ve completed the requirements for nomination, you can apply to the SINP in this sub-category.

The federal government sets the amount of nominations the SINP can make every year. The SINP also accepts a maximum number of applications each year. No application is guaranteed to be accepted and/or nominated.


萨省省提名经验类移民介绍 SINP Saskatchewan Experience
SINP Hospitality Sector Project萨省酒店服务行业移民申请材料清单
SINP 萨省省提名 Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
萨省雇主担保技术移民(国际工人类别) - SINP International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer


1.打算通过Hospitality Sector Project Sub-Category招聘员工的雇主需要在雇佣外籍员工前得到SINP的许可

2.符合 ESDC 对于招聘NOC C 和D 类别员工的雇主的要求
P.S. Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) 加拿大就业及社会发展部

ongoing recruitment efforts have failed to result in the hiring of Canadian residents

4.拥有ESDC 的劳动力市场影响评估函,并提供合适的薪资/住宿条件

5.通过提交 SINP-500-4 Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Settlement Plan 申请SINP Approval
P.S.该计划需详细列明,自外籍员工与雇主开始雇佣关系始, 雇主为员工安排的食宿及定居计划

6.给SINP移民局和ESDC提供以下材料的复印件:必要的合同、在外籍员工工作6个月之后生效的Job Offer Letter

7.已通过审核的雇主,要在外籍员工开始工作的4个月内,为该员工向SINP Employer Engaged Unit申请 Job Approval Letter

P.S.在试用期过后,没能给外籍员工申请到Job Approval Letter的雇主,将会根据 外籍员工招聘与移民法案 受到惩罚



飞出国:SINP Hospitality Sector Project 申请指南及材料清单。

Application Guide for the Hospitality Sector Project

Sub-Category for Saskatchewan Businesses


飞出国 SINP 酒店服务类经验类移民申请指南: 85158-appguide-hs-employers-20150304-flyabroad.pdf (232.6 KB)。