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On the 1st January 2016, Engineers Australia will close all the open assessment applications based on a paper based file and will stop further processing of the paper based applications.

If you have lodged a paper based application, and have received a request for additional documentation, please provide the requested additional documentation before the 1st January 2016.

If you have lodged a paper based application, and you are not sure what the status of this application is, please email our Member Services team.

Applications left incomplete after the 1st January 2016 will be closed. Applicants will need to lodge a new online application if they wish to obtain an assessment.

If you have already obtained an assessment based on a paper based application, and would like to apply for the additional assessment of your work experience and/or overseas PhD, please apply following the process for paper based applications before the 1st January 2016. After this date, applicants seeking the additional assessment of their relevant work experience or additional PhD will have to lodge a full application online, and request for the fee of the standards assessment to be refunded.

Assessment outcomes from paper applications remain vaild.


请问EA的纸质申请是寄到哪里?通过哪里邮寄呢? 国内本科在读,虽然时间还有点远,但想知道公证后的那些EA材料要寄到哪里?