VETASSESS职业评估Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC141999其他未分类的住宿和招待经理职业介绍Information Sheet

Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC141999其他未分类的住宿和招待经理职业基本介绍

其他未分类的住宿和招待经理组织和控制提供住宿和招待服务的机构的运营。 该职业组涵盖其他地方未分类的住宿和招待经理。

Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec organise and control the operations of establishments which provide accommodation and hospitality services. This occupation group covers Accommodation and Hospitality Managers not elsewhere classified.

以下职业 可以 算入该职业组别:

  • 背包客经理 Backpackers Manager
  • 寄宿处经理 Boarding House Manager
  • 赌场经理 Casino Duty Manager
  • 宾馆经理 Guest House Manager
  • 旅社经理 Hostel Manager
  • 接待中心经理 Reception Centre Manager
  • 酒店式公寓经理 Serviced Apartment Manager

以下职业 不能 算入该职业组别:

  • 酒店或汽车旅馆经理 Hotel or Motel Manager
  • 咖啡厅或餐厅经理 Café or Restaurant Manager
  • 前台部经理 Front Office Manager
  • 大篷车公园和露营地经理 Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager
  • 持牌俱乐部经理 Licensed Club Manager
  • 床位和早餐经理 Bed and Breakfast Operator
  • 退休村庄经理 Retirement Village Manager


NEC职业意思是not elsewhere classified其他未分类的。如果提名职业是NEC职业,申请人需要确认其学历和工作履历是与某一特定的职业相关的。如果申请人的职责与NEC职业相符,而不与其他职业代码的相符,则可以被考虑评估NEC职业。 申请人也需要附上一个COVER LETTER说明提名NEC职业的合理原因。

Some occupations assessed by VETASSESS are listed as ‘nec’ which means ‘not elsewhere classified’. If nominating one of these occupations, you must ensure that your qualifications and employment are highly relevant to one of the occupation titles given in the ANZSCO description for the particular occupation. Other specific occupation titles which cannot be found elsewhere in ANZSCO will be considered on a case-by-case basis as long as they are relevant to the ‘nec’ codes.

In order to be assessed against an ‘nec’ code, your occupation would generally be described as non-classified, yet specialised or related to its ANZSCO Unit Group description. Your employment in these nominated occupations should not better match another ANZSCO code (whether assessed by VETASSESS or not).

When considering whether to nominate an ‘nec’ occupation, you should consider the ANZSCO sub major group description and determine whether your skills best fit this category.

VETASSESS conducts a case-by-case assessment to determine whether the employment can be considered highly relevant to the classification. If an applicant’s employment is highly relevant to another ANZSCO occupation, the same period of employment cannot be assessed suitably against an ‘nec’ classification, regardless of whether the occupation is available for migration purposes or not.

Applicants should provide a cover letter that justifies the rationale for choosing an ‘nec’ category.

Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC141999其他未分类的住宿和招待经理职业评估要求

  1. Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC141999其他未分类的住宿和招待经理属于VETASSESS评估的Group C职业,要求至少有等同于澳洲专科Diploma层次学历才可以。申请人可以通过以下四类途径之一满足评估要求:
  • 专科学历且是与提名职业高度相关的专业,那么需要近五年内有一年与提名职业相关的工作经验
  • 专业科学历但专业不是与提名职业相关的,但是有相关专业的专科以下学历(等同于澳洲Certificate IV层次),那么需要近五年内有一年与提名职业相关的工作经验
  • 专科学历且专业不适于提名职业相关的,且没有其他相关专业的学历,那么需要近五年内有两年与提名职业相关的工作经验
  • 如果申请人的相关工作经验是在获得专科学历之前的,那么可以是近五年内有一年相关工作经验的基础上,有额外三年相关的工作经验(这三年可以不是近五年内的,但是需要是近十年内的)

  1. 学历要求至少有专科学位,相关专业可以是酒店管理专业。如果是旅游专业,但是没有酒店管理相关课程,不能算相关专业。
    Highly relevant major fields of study include Hospitality Management and Hotel Management. Qualifications in Tourism without Hospitality Management subjects would not be accepted for this occupation.

  2. 工作经验要求,学历前的工作经验可以纳入职评考虑范围内,高度相关的工作职责,包括:

  • 指导和监督预订、接待、客房服务和后勤活动 directing and overseeing reservation, reception, room service and housekeeping activities
  • 监督安全安排、花园和财产维护 supervising security arrangements, and garden and property maintenance
  • 控制员工的选择、培训和监督 controlling the selection, training and supervision of staff
  • 确保遵守职业健康和安全法规 ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
  • 评估和审查客户满意度 assessing and reviewing customer satisfaction
  • 监督会计和采购活动 overseeing accounting and purchasing activities
  • 可为客人提供当地旅游信息,并安排旅游及交通 may provide guests with local tourism information, and arrange tours and transportation
  1. Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC141999其他未分类的住宿和招待经理就业情况:
  • 该职业含括了其他组别中没有分类的住宿和接待经理。由于该职业是一个管理岗位,因此申请人需要证明对提供住宿和招待服务的机构的监督、控制和组织。如果只是一个酒店机构的一个部门的人员管理会更加符合431411酒店服务经理这个职业。
  • 除开常规的VETASSESS职业评估要求的材料,可能需要提供组织结构图,组织结构图需要打印在公司信头纸上,标明申请人职位,申请人上司和下属的职位,以及所有汇报给自己上司和下属的员工的职位。如果不能提供组织结构图,则需要出具法定声明写明以上信息并说明无法提供的原因。

This occupation covers Accommodation and Hospitality Managers not elsewhere covered in ANZSCO. As this is a managerial role, applicants need to demonstrate oversight, control and organisation of an establishment which provides accommodation and hospitality services. Roles involving staff management of just one department in a hotel setting may be better suited to ANZSCO 431411 Hotel Service Manager.

Applicants nominating this managerial occupation must submit an organisational chart. An organisational chart should include the company letterhead, the applicant’s job position and those of their superiors and subordinates as well as all positions reporting to their immediate supervisor and to the applicant’s direct subordinates. It should also indicate the departmvent’s location within the overall company structure.

If an applicant is unable to obtain an organisational chart from their employer, they must provide a statutory declaration outlining the required information and the reasons why this information cannot be provided.

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