SINP 翻译宣誓-translator-affidavit

SINP translator-affidavit - 飞出国


(IN THE MATTER OF a translation of a document from the ______language into the ENGLISH language)

我,______,______市______省,郑重声明:( I, ______ , of the City/Town of in the Province of , do solemnly declare that:)

1.我精通______语言并且可以准确无误的读、写和理解。(I am sufficiently proficient in the______ language and can read, write and understand the same. )

2.我通过______获得______语言能力。(I gained my understanding of the_______language from__________________________________________. )

3.我已经阅读了整个文件,以______语言书写的声明标记为“A”。并且已经通读了用英语书写的文件并且标记为“B”,我声明英语文件与_____语言文件内容一致。(I have read the document affixed hereto and marked Exhibit “A” to this, my declaration, which is written in the ______Language and I have read over the translated document which is written in the ENGLISH language, which is marked Exhibit “B” to this my Declaration and I declare that the contents of the document are the same as the contents of the document. )

4.我宣誓以声明该英文翻译文件与原______语言文件内容完全一致。(I make this Affidavit for the purpose of declaring that the ENGLISH translation of this document is a faithful translation from the language. )

并且我庄严宣誓翻译的真实性,明白根据加拿大证据法,这与法庭宣誓有同等的效力。(AND I make this solemn Declaration conscientiously believing it to be true, and knowing it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath, and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act.)

向我当面宣誓于_国_省_市             }               
于公元201_年_月_日                  }                           翻译人签名

DECLARED before me at the City/Town of } 
______in the Province of ______        } 
and Country of______                   }                
this____day of_____A.D.201_           }               (Signature of Translator)

A Notary Public in and for the 
Province/State/Country of_______________






谢谢您的回复 可是下面有两个空是 由哪个省的notary public 怎么填


  • Where documents are in a language other than English or French, the applicant must submit a scanned copy of the original document and a scanned copy of the English or French translation and a scanned copy of an affidavit from the translator describing their translation ability.
  • Translators can be any person other than a family member of the applicant or spouse, and must not work for, or be a paid consultant or representative who is preparing the application. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada Centralized Intake Office (CIO) requires that the translator be certified by a regulatory body as a translator. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the translations meets all federal requirements.
  • If documents are missing, or not translated, or are unclear, your application will be rejected and instructions sent to your for re-application.





大学的成绩单, 如果是学校的出具的英文盖章件, 可以用的


都可以, 公证更正式些