Service provider organization (SPO)-服务提供机构

Service provider organization (SPO)-服务提供机构-飞出国

Service provider organization (SPO):为加拿大新移民提供服务的机构。为新移民在加拿大生活和工作提供资源和培训项目。提供日常生活服务,如寻找公寓,乘坐公共交通工具,或预约医生。

这些组织还可以帮助难民填写的表格,获得永久居民身份证、 医疗保险、 社会保障号码等。提供口译和笔译服务以帮助解决比如向医生提供医疗背景等问题。

A service provider organization (SPO) is an agency that provides services for newcomers to Canada.
Service provider organizations offer programs that can give newcomers resources and training to live and work in Canada. Their programs can help refugees who often have a difficult time with day-to-day tasks like finding an apartment, taking public transportation, or making a doctor’s appointment.

These organizations can also help refugees complete forms, get permanent resident cards, health insurance, social insurance numbers, etc. They also offer interpretation and translation services to help with such special needs as giving medical backgrounds to doctors.

Visit CIC’s website for more information on the many services provided by SPOs.