Serious criminality-严重的犯罪

Serious criminality-严重的犯罪-飞出国

Serious criminality:刑事犯罪不允许入境的一类,适用于加拿大法律可判处10年以上的罪行,不管犯罪地在加拿大境内或者境外,或者在加拿大犯罪行可判处6个月以上,称为加拿大可公诉罪行。

A category of criminal inadmissibility that applies to people who have committed or been convicted of an offence, inside or outside Canada, punishable by a sentence of at least 10 years in Canada, or convicted of an offence in Canada for which the person received a sentence of more than six months. Referred to in Canada as an indictable offence.