Relevant experience-相关工作经验

Relevant experience-相关工作经验-飞出国

Relevant experience:当作为自雇职业者申请移民时,相关工作经验意味着:申请前五年内至少在该领域有两个一年期的工作经验。工作经验必须在以下领域内:文化或体育方面自主经营;或参与世界级文化或体育活动或者农场管理。

When applying to immigrate as a self-employed person, relevant experience means:

  • at least two one-year periods of experience in the period from five years before the application date to the day a decision is made on the application.
    Experience must be in one of these areas:
  • self-employment in cultural activities or athletics,
  • participating in cultural activities or athletics at the world-class level or
  • farm management.