NB PNP Express Entry Labour Market Stream(EELMS)申请配额情况

飞出国:NB PNP Express Entry Labour Market Stream(EELMS)第一轮申请配额已满,等下月1号。

NB PNP(新不伦瑞克省提名) 今天开放了新的不需要雇主 offer 的EE类别,附和EE基本条件,有雅思,有学历认证,就可以提交申请,没有雇主offer的需要提供自己证明,每月1-15号接收邀请,因为只需要提交一个申请表等邀请,当前配额已满。火。

Express Entry is a new online application management system introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in January 2015. Express Entry will change Canada’s immigration system into one that is faster and more responsive to economic and labour market needs.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) has developed and launched its Express Entry Labour Market Stream. This new stream allows the NBPNP to use CIC’s Express Entry system to meet New Brunswick’s specific labour market and demographic needs.

The first step in applying to the NBPNP EELMS is to complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form and email it to [email protected] The NBPNP will receive EOI forms from the 1st to the 15th of each month. The NBPNP staff will score and rank the forms and invite the most suitable candidates to apply to the EELMS from the first of the following submission month.

To effectively complete the EOI form, candidates must have completed a recognized language exam (IELTS, CELPIP or TEF) as well as a mandatory educational credential assessment (ECA), for education obtained outside of Canada, and provide a history of their work experience. If you are submitting an EOI and do not have an arranged employment offer, you must have access to the appropriate amount of settlement funds. You will also have to identify the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) code used to describe your primary occupation.

Please visit our website often as the dates we accept EOI forms may change, depending on volume and priorities. The EELMS may be paused occasionally to ensure we can process applications and respect our nomination allocation. Therefore, only a portion of potential candidates will be invited to apply. Please keep in mind that meeting the minimum Program requirements does not ensure you get an invitation to apply.

NB PNP Express Entry Labour Market Stream 官方链接: http://www.welcomenb.ca/content/wel-bien/en/immigrating_and_settling/how_to_immigrate/new_brunswick_provincialnomineeprogram/New_Brunswick_express_entry.html

为什么 这么快就满了?


配额本身有限,与 nb 没什么关联的估计没戏(在nb有亲戚朋友,有读书工作经历,最起码去nb旅游过也可以)。

NB省提名EE类别第二轮申请北京时间19:30开放,大概在19:45显示配额已满, 持续了只有15分钟。

We have reached the monthly quota. Please retry from the beginning of next month.


email 回复。


[email protected]这个邮箱吗?

en Entree Express Entry (PETL/EPFT) <[email protected]>