欧洲议会投票决定支持“逐步淘汰”欧盟黄金签证 EP to take final vote on report calling for end of passport sales schemes on Tuesday

飞出国: 当地时间2019年3月25日,欧洲议会以505票赞成、63票反对、87票弃权投票通过了TAX3委员会二月份的报告——“金融犯罪、逃税和避税”——呼吁欧洲各国逐步取消通过投资计划获得居住权和公民身份。




  • 通过投资获得公民身份(CBI)和通过投资获得居住权(RBI)计划可能带来的潜在经济利益并不能抵消它们所带来的严重洗钱和逃税风险;
  • 呼吁成员国尽快逐步取消所有现有的加拿大中央银行或印度央行机构计划;
  • 着重指出与此同时,成员国应当适当确保通过这些计划对申请公民身份或居留申请人给予更多的尽职调查。


  • 1月23日,欧盟委员会发布报告,指出“黄金签证”缺乏透明度、监管不力、统计和监测不到位,申请人信息不完整,存在极大的的安全隐患;
  • 2月27日,欧洲议会的金融犯罪、逃税和避税特别委员会(TAX3)以34票赞成、4票反对、3票弃权通过一份有关废除“黄金签证”的提议。该委员会呼吁欧盟各成员国逐步取消所有不符合欧盟法律要求的“黄金签证”计划,包括欧盟永久居留和欧盟公民投资移民计划等;
  • 3月14日,欧洲议会在法国斯特拉斯堡正式批准对“黄金签证”审批的新要求:需在数据库中纳入黄金签证申请人的信息,建立15项验证程序,以提高欧盟国家的安全性。

EP to take final vote on report calling for end of passport sales schemes on Tuesday

Kevin Schembri Orland Monday, 25 March 2019, 18:48Last update: about 1 day ago

The European Parliament will on Tuesday vote on a report which, among other things, calls on member states to phase out Golden Visa schemes.

The EU Parliament held the final debate on Monday evening. The report, among other things, calls on Member States to phase out all existing Citizenship by investment (CBI) and residency by investment (RBI) schemes, also known as golden visa schemes, as soon as possible. It also makes certain proposals regarding taxation. The recommendations by the TAX3 committee range from overhauling the system for dealing with financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance, notably by thoroughly improving cooperation in all areas between the multitude of authorities involved, to setting up new bodies at the EU and global level. The numerous findings and recommendations include calling on the Commission to work on a proposal for a European financial police force; to set up an EU anti-money laundering watchdog; highlights that Seven EU countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and The Netherlands) display traits of a tax haven and facilitate aggressive tax planning, among other things. However there are concerns that some of the proposals could affect national sovereignty over certain taxation issues.

The Committee had previously taken a vote on the report and passed it through to Plenary.

Addressing the EU Parliament, PN MEP David Casa said that while stating that he is always at the forefront when fighting against corruption, he will use the same energy and determination against those pushing proposals to change taxation systems across Europe.

“Such proposals could be detrimental to many citizens across the EU, including those I represent,” Casa said. David Casa said that number of proposals coming from the left would limit a country’s flexibility on taking decisions on their respective taxation systems. “We cannot accept proposals that would limit national sovereignty on taxation and we will be voting against them,” he said.

MEP Casa also referred to a number of clauses in the report that call for the protection of journalists, as well as a number of recommendations on combating high level corruption. “It is our duty to defend our citizens. This is our job. It is why we must stand against corruption and abuse of power. It is why it why we must protect journalists and safeguard media freedom”.

PL MEP Alfred Sant said that reports on tax abuses need to be factual. He said the report is flawed and takes mere allegations and suspicions at face value. He spoke of a bias against smaller states in the report giving the example that the experience of Pilatus Bank is highlighted in Malta but Deutsche Bank in Germany is not, and that financial services professionals are treated like criminals in waiting. He said this follows an agenda of tax harmonisation, and said that the report is based on tax populism.

PL MEP Ana Gomes asked Sant what Malta has done to prevent the corruption in the Panama Papers and the two members still in power (Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi), and also asked what Malta has done to prevent becoming a tax haven putting in question the fight against financial crime.

“All i need to do is repeat what I read, unfortunately the report takes onboard mere allegations and suspicions at face value,” he said, highlighting unsubstantiated links to alleged crime.

The Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX3) was established on 1 March 2018 following continued revelations over the last five years (Luxleaks, the Panama Papers, Football leaks and the Paradise papers).

飞出国: 随着欧洲经济的复苏和房地产市场的回暖,“黄金签证”给经济带来的利好已渐渐消失,而弊端在不断凸显,因此,政策的收紧甚至终结并非危言耸听。建议各位申请人早作打算,把握难得机遇,感兴趣的尽快联系飞出国进行规划申请!!