AIPP正式公布延长2年到2021年12月, 审核将变严格


#大西洋成长战略 - 大西洋移民试点政策变化 - 飞出国

飞出国:2019年3月1日 大西洋加拿大机会局。


自2017年3月启动以来,加拿大政府和大西洋省在实施AIP方面取得了长足进展。截至2019年2月25日,大西洋地区有1,896名AIP指定雇主。 AIP指定的雇主为熟练的外国人或国际毕业生提供了超过3,729份工作机会。因此,已有超过2,535名经批准的永久居民前往或已经在加拿大大西洋沿岸。




  • 国际毕业生现在可以在毕业后24个月申请AIP。这一变化将增加可以参加AIP的合格国际毕业生的数量,并为他们提供完成PR申请流程所需的时间。
  • 医疗保健部门的雇主将能够聘请受过国际培训的护士担任持续护理和家庭护理支持工作人员,以填补职位空缺。
  • 大西洋省份将有新的权力机构将其AIP空间集中在需求的劳动力市场需求上。这一变化将有助于更好地监督试点,并使各省有更大的管理指定雇主的能力。
  • 2019年5月1日起,IRCC将要求申请人在获得工作许可之前符合AIP的语言,教育和工作经验要求。

Atlantic Growth Strategy – Changes to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency


March 1, 2019

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is an innovative partnership aimed at attracting and retaining skilled immigrants and international graduates to meet the unique workforce needs of the Atlantic region. The goal is to ensure the long-term retention and integration of newcomers in Atlantic Canada to help drive economic growth.

The Government of Canada and the Atlantic provinces have made great strides in implementing the AIP since its launch in March 2017. As of February 25, 2019, there were 1,896 AIP designated employers in the Atlantic region. AIP designated employers made over 3,729 job offers to skilled foreign nationals or international graduates. As a result, there are already over 2,535 approved permanent residents destined for or already in the Atlantic Canada.

To achieve these results, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Atlantic provinces participated in almost 1,000 meetings, industry events, career fairs and information sessions with regional employers and international student advisory groups throughout the Atlantic region.

Initially launched as a three-year pilot, the AIP will be extended by two years to December 2021. This will give IRCC and the Atlantic provinces more time to assess the innovative aspects of this pilot: its employer-driven focus, mandatory settlement plan, and new model of partnership with the Atlantic provinces and ACOA.

In addition, recent changes to the AIP will see benefits for international students, employers in the healthcare sector and the provinces:

  • International graduates will now have 24 months post-graduation to apply for the AIP. This change will increase the number of eligible international graduates that can participate in AIP and give them the time they need to complete the PR application process.
  • Employers in the healthcare sector will be able to hire internationally trained nurses to work as continuing care and home care support workers in order to fill job vacancies.
  • The Atlantic provinces will have new authorities to focus their AIP spaces on in-demand labour market needs. This change will lead to better oversight of the pilot and give provinces greater ability to manage designated employers.
  • Beginning May 1, 2019, IRCC will require that applicants meet the language, education and work experience requirements of the AIP prior to being approved for a work permit.

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