VET 减年限是2015年1月起开始的。

扣减年限在官方叫做 “技术工作经验认定日期(date deemed skilled)” ,飞出国论坛有说明:


As part of the assessment process, VETASSESS will determine the date you met the entry level requirements for the nominated occupation based on closely related employment within the last ten years. VETASSESS will only count skilled employment post the Date Deemed Skilled as eligible for points test purpose.

Please consider the following scenario for an application received in January 2015:

An applicant has nominated the occupation of Marketing Specialist (ANZSCO Code 225113). He has obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in December 2008 and is now working as a marketing executive with a global pharmaceutical company since January 2010. Prior to this employment, he worked as a market researcher for a marketing research consultancy firm from January 2009 to January 2010.

For skills assessment purpose, the Bachelor of Business Administration will be assessed as meeting the educational requirements for the nominated occupation. In addition to this, based on his current employment as marketing executive which falls within the last five years, he has at least one year of highly relevant employment which meets the employment requirements for the nominated occupation.

In order to determine the “Date Deemed Skilled”, the applicant’s skilled employment as market researcher (From January 2009 to January 2010) will be used to calculate the qualifying period required to meet the skill level of the nominated or closely related ANZSCO occupation. Therefore, only skilled employment post January 2010 will be eligible for points test purpose.(扣减了一年,飞出国微博上很多vet案例都注明了扣减年限的情况)