NSNP 企业家类别省提名移民申请 - 第五步工签转移民


NSNP 企业家类别工签转移民 - 新省企业家类别申请第五步-飞出国

飞出国:持工签在NS运营企业一年后可以进入第五步省提名移民申请阶段(工签转移民),之前的步骤参考: NSNP 企业家移民持工签在新省运营企业·新省企业家移民申请第四步

要满足新省企业家工签转移民的要求首先要求申请人及其随行的配偶子女都要在NS居住,参与日常企业运营,满足业绩协议BPA中的承诺( usiness Performance Agreement),然后提交省提名请求函(Nomination Request Form)。

提交新省省提名移民申请时需要提交NS指定第三方审计机构出具的专项审计报告(Special Purpose Report),内容包括:

  • 财务可行性和可持续性,讨论影响业务在不久的将来作为持续经营的持续性的相关问题;
  • 建议企业提高其可行性和可持续性
  • 确定与审计财务报表有关的任何问题,挑战或疑虑;
  • 业务审核,包括:市场分析,产品分析,竞争分析和财务分析。

NSOI 审理拒签的,有10天补料时间。审理通过的会发出新省提名函,该提名函半年后过期。也就是需要在6个月内提交加拿大联邦的移民签证申请,正式转永居。而这个转永居的过程大概需要1年半。这期间企业最好还要运营一段时间。申请人也最好继续住在 NS 。

Step 5: Request for Nomination - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream- flyabroad

In order to be eligible for nomination you and your dependents must be living in Nova Scotia and you must have fulfilled the terms outlined in the Business Performance Agreement including transferring the required funds to Canada, and maintaining legal status in Canada. You must also have operated your business in accordance with your Business Performance Agreement for at least one year before requesting nomination.

Nomination Request Form - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream- flyabroad

A request for nomination will require the completion of a Nomination Request Form.

The Nomination Request Form will ask for details of your business and will require that you submit an audit opinion and Special Purpose Report. A copy of the Nomination Request Form can be found at http://novascotiaimmigration.com/move-here/entrepreneur .

The Audit Opinion will include an audit of the financial statements of the applicants’ business.

The Special Purpose Report will include the following:

  • The financial viability and sustainability of the business discussing any relevant issues affecting the business’ability to continue in the near future as a going concern;
  • Recommendations for the business to improve its viability and sustainability
  • A determination of any issues, challenges or concerns pertaining to auditing the financial statements;
  • A business review which may for example include but not be limited to: market analysis, product analysis, competitive analysis, and financial analysis.

Both the Audit Opinion and the Special Purpose Report must be provided by an NSOI designated Audit Services Verifier. The applicant may choose any of the Audit Service Verifiers listed at http://novascotiaimmigration.com/move-here/entrepreneur to perform the required services.

It is the applicants’responsibility to submit any documents required by the Audit Services Verifier in order to generate the Audit Opinion and Special Purpose Report. The Audit Services Verifier can also provide compilation services, where required. An Audit Service verifier who assists an applicant with preparing a Business Establishment Plan cannot also prepare audit services as per this RFP as it represents a conflict of interest.

Any and all costs associated with the provision of services by the Audit Services Verifier is the complete responsibility of the applicant.

NSOI will assess your application for nomination and advise you of the outcome. You will be assessed on your compliance with your Business Performance Agreement and your nomination application.

Nomination Decision - NSNP Entrepreneur Stream- flyabroad

Nomination is at the sole discretion of NSOI. If an application is assessed, NSOI will communicate the decision in writing to the applicant or their representative. If nominated by the Province of Nova Scotia:

  • The applicant will receive a letter from the NSOI to confirm that a Nomination has been issued; and
  • Proof of Nomination will be sent directly to IRCC by NSOI.

Note: the Proof of Nomination expires 6 months after the date of issuance.

  • A one-time re-issuance of a nomination may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Refusal Decision

If the application is being considered for refusal, the applicant or their representative will receive a letter of intent to refuse from NSOI. The applicant has 10 business days to submit additional information to be considered by the NSOI.

  • After 10 business days the file, including any new information submitted, will be re-assessed and a final decision made.

This decision is sent in writing. This decision cannot be appealed.

*In extenuating circumstances (hospitalization or death in family), extensions may be given, on a case by case basis.

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