CAMRT 认证,加拿大医疗放射技师协会 Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists


加拿大医疗放射技师协会简介 Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT)

飞出国:申请人以 3215 医疗放射技师职业申请萨省技术移民时需要通过萨省 SAMRT valid licensure (restricted or full),或者通过加拿大 CAMRT 资格认证,有条件参加医疗放射技师考试。

Provide a copy of the email from the SAMRT Registrar outlining your eligibility to apply to the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) to have your credentials assessed; AND a copy of the letter from the CAMRT notifying you of your assessment result and access to the national certification exam.

The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) is the national professional association and certifying body for radiological, nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging technologists and radiation therapists. Recognized at home and internationally as a leading advocate for the profession of medical radiation technology, the CAMRT is an authoritative voice on the critical issues that affect its members and their practice. Established in 1942, the CAMRT today represents over 12,000 members.

IEMRTs 加拿大外医疗放射技术学历申请人申请条件-飞出国


CAMRT 对国际申请人资格认证审核的费用是 300 加币。

The fee for assessment is $300.00 CAD.

Internationally Educated Medical Radiation Technologists (IEMRTs)

Internationally educated medical radiation technologists must undergo an assessment to determine language proficiency, substantial similarity of qualifications, and work experience before applying to write the CAMRT certification exam. IEMRTs must apply to either CAMRT or the regulatory authority in the province in which they plan to practice for the assessment in order to be granted eligibility to apply to write the certification exam.

The IEMRT must first determine in which province they wish to practice.

  • IEMRTs who wish to practice in the province of Ontario, Alberta or Québec must be assessed by the regulatory authority in that province.
  • IEMRTs who wish to practice in the province of Saskatchewan must first apply to the SAMRT to determine eligibility for credential assessment by the CAMRT. Visit the SAMRT website at
  • IEMRTs who wish to practice in British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador or the northern territories must apply to the CAMRT for assessment of their credentials.




SAMRT 萨省医疗放射技师协会职业认证 3215 Medical Radiation Technologists

CAMRT 资格评估材料清单 Documents Required for CAMRT Assessment - 飞出国

CAMRT 加拿大医疗放射技师协会对国际注册申请人(加拿大之外学历申请人)的评估需要申请人提供申请表,申请费(300加币),教育相关资料公证,成绩单,简历,推荐信,语言能力证明及其他注册及专业提升相关的证明。

Documents Required for CAMRT Assessment

Applicants are required to submit information for this assessment. The submitted documentation will be reviewed by the CAMRT Manager of Certification and the assessment committee to determine eligibility to apply to write the certification exams in any one of the four disciplines of radiological technology, nuclear medicine technology, magnetic resonance and radiation therapy.

The following lists the documents that must be included in your submission for assessment. CAMRT does not return documents; please do NOT send originals.

  1. Completed “ Application for Assessment ” form
  2. Non-refundable assessment fee of $300.00 CAD.
  3. Verification of completion of a medical radiation technology program in one of the following disciplines: radiological technology, nuclear medicine technology, magnetic resonance, radiation therapy. A diploma or degree certificate (notarized copy) is required.
  4. An official transcript of marks from your education program in medical radiation technology (notarized copy).
  5. Curriculum or course outline of your medical radiation technology program indicating the amount of time spent in both the theoretical and clinical components of your program. The curriculum or course outline must provide a:
    1. Detailed list of courses and a description of the content of each course (photocopy of education institution syllabus)
    2. Description of how you were evaluated on both the theory and clinical components of the program
    3. Description of types of:
      1. Equipment used (will vary as per discipline – indicate both analog & digital)
      2. Settings where procedures/treatments were performed during the clinical component of your program ( i.e. imaging department, operating room, emergency, hospitals, clinics)
      3. Patients on whom procedures were performed (i.e. adult, pediatric, geriatric, trauma)
  6. A Clinical Assessment Checklist of work experience following graduation from education program. Work experience must be within the past five (5) years in the discipline in which you are applying.
    1. Magnetic Resonance
    2. Nuclear Medicine
    3. Radiation Therapy
    4. Radiological Technology
  7. Confirmation of employment letter from your most recent or current employer. This letter must be written on the letterhead used by the institution and must confirm your last date of employment, number of practice hours and a reference regarding your practice as a medical radiation technologist. The letter must supply employer’s contact information; e-mail or paper accepted.If you are a recent graduate with little or no work experience and you cannot provide an employment letter, your credentials will be considered for assessment and eligibility to write the CAMRT exam within 5 years from the date of your graduation.
  8. Evidence of registration with an association / society / regulatory body for the specific discipline, if you are registered.
  9. Letter of reference attesting your good character from someone who has known you for a minimum of two (2) years. The referee must sign the letter, print their name, and provide contact information.
  10. Evidence of language fluency if total medical radiation technology education program, that is both theory and clinical components, were not conducted in English or French. (Original copy of language test results required.)
    1. See language fluency requirements.
  11. Relevant evidence of continuing professional development activities.

Note 1. Payment by credit card, cheque or money order, payable to CAMRT, is accepted. If payment does not go though the assessment will be delayed until payment is verified.

Note 2. These documents will be used to determine substantial similarity for entry-to-practice competency to that required from a Canadian accredited program. To see the entry-to-practice competency required in Canada, click the link to the CAMRT competency profiles

Note 3. If documents are in a language other than English or French, notarized translations must also be submitted.

Note 4. If an applicant’s file has missing required documents for the assessment, the applicant will be given maximum 2 years to provide the missing documents in question. After 2 years, if the file is still missing certain required documents, the submission will be returned to the applicant who can reapply at any given time in the future, by completing a new application for assessment and sending an updated version of all required documents for the assessment.





CAMRT 加拿大医疗放射技师协会评估流程及时效 - 飞出国

飞出国:CAMRT 首先会评估申请人提供的资料是否满足加拿大医疗放射技师协会的认证资格,合格的申请人才给考试机会,考试通过后才能获得正式注册。申请人需要在当年考试前3个月提交申请资料。

CAMRT 加拿大医疗放射技师协会评估 Review Process

The CAMRT Manager of Certification, or the provincial authority where applicable, will review your submission for assessment to verify that all required documents have been provided. If there is anything missing you will be contacted and asked to submit the missing information. This could delay the assessment process.

When the manager has verified that all documentation has been submitted, your complete assessment application will be sent to a reviewer with expertise in the discipline for which you are applying.

The expert reviewer will determine that:

  • You are eligible to apply to write the CAMRT certification exam and you can proceed and complete the application to write the CAMRT exam; or
  • You do not meet the eligibility requirements. The reasons to support this decision will be provided.

You will be notified of the decision by the CAMRT Manager of Certification.

CAMRT 加拿大医疗放射技师协会评估 Timeline

To be eligible to write the CAMRT exam on the date of your choice, you must submit your Application for Assessment a minimum of three (3) months before the initial exam application deadline. See here for examinations dates.

For clarification or more information regarding the assessment application process, contact the CAMRT Manager of Certification.

CAMRT 加拿大医疗放射技师协会评估 Checklist

Following is a checklist of documents required for IEMRT assessment by CAMRT:

  1. Completed assessment application form
  2. Assessment fee
  3. Notarized copies of official transcript of marks and certificate/diploma
  4. Course syllabus / description of courses
  5. Language proficiency documentation
  6. Letter of reference confirming employment and last date of practice
  7. Clinical assessment checklist for discipline
  8. Evidence of registration with professional association, if available
  9. Evidence of continued professional development, if available
  10. A letter of reference supporting good character