COR 萨省雇主担保移民对雇主的要求 SINP Employers Certificate of Registration

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SINP 省提名对雇主要求:

萨省萨省雇主担保移民首先需要获得 JAL(SINP JOB APPROVAL LETTER),JAL 由雇主申请,申请 JAL 前雇主需要先通过 LRWS 认证,官方英文叫 Certificate of Registration 简称 COR

COR(certificate of registration)有效期2年,也就是萨省对雇主资格最少2年会重新审核一下(如果继续需要雇佣海外人员雇主需要每2年更新一次申请)。

申请 COR 对雇主的基本要求-飞出国

  • 雇主是加拿大公民或永居居民
  • 雇主在萨省合法注册且已经实际运营一年以上
  • 雇主满足各项基本运营要求及用工条件


萨省雇主资格审核在线申请指南:85882-Employer Guide Online-May10 2016-flyabroad.pdf (2.2 MB)

Apply for a Certificate of Registration - Saskatchewan employers

Before you can hire foreign workers in Saskatchewan, all employers must register with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety (LRWS) and obtain a Certificate of Registration

Once you obtain your Certificate of Registration, you’ll be eligible to submit job positions to the SINP for approval, to support the permanent residency applications of your foreign workers or to access federal immigration programs that bring foreign workers to Canada.

Certificate Expiry and Renewal process : A certificate of registration (COR) is valid for two years. Reminders will be sent to your authorized email when it is up for renewal. Similar to the process for new registrations, Labour Relations and Workplace Safety may request additional information to update your account. Employers with a COR must abide by the terms and conditions in FWRISA.

Access Your Existing SINP Online Account: Click on the “Register Online” button to submit a job approval request to support a foreign worker for application to the SINP.

Visit the SINP Online Application Guide for Saskatchewan Employers to learn how to use the online application system.

Determining Employer Eligibility

You must provide evidence that you are operating in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Province of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan uses a variety of criteria to assess your eligibility, including your business operations and your ability to support the employment of foreign workers.

As an employer, you must also:

  • Provide a place of employment for a foreign worker that is zoned for commercial operations that your business has occupied for at least one year;
  • Actively operate as a business for no less than one year to be considered for approval by the SINP;
  • Be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada;
  • Disclose third-party representatives providing assistance during the recruitment process; and
  • Provide any documentation requested by an SINP officer to support your application, which may include financial statements, Incorporation documents; Canada Revenue Agency documents, Business License, Lease/Rental agreements; Business Payroll records; Contractors Permits; and Letter of Good Standing with the Workers Compensation Board.

Employers with outstanding labour standards or occupational health and safety issues may not be eligible. As well, employers with an unsatisfactory record of employment of foreign nationals may not be eligible to receive a Certificate of Registration.

Once registered, employers also need to apply to the appropriate provincial or federal program for approval of the specific job they intend to offer to a foreign national.




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