BC省提名移民紧缺科技人才试点 BC PNP Tech Pilot


飞出国:BC省提名移民紧缺科技人才试点并不是一个新的移民项目,只是在之前 BC PNP 省提名技术移民基础上针对紧缺职业的特殊照顾,这些职业当前有 32 类。

要符合 BC PNP Tech Pilot 首先还是需要获得当地雇主offer,满足基本的技术移民要求:


A BC PNP Tech Pilot supports the attraction of skilled workers and to satisfy the demand for tech talent by expanding the province’s technology talent pool.

We want to develop and attract the highest quality local talent by introducing students to tech earlier, adjusting training and education in post-secondary institutions and creating work experience opportunities.

Not only do companies need access to local talent - beyond using the skills and talent of B.C. workers, companies need to be able to attract skilled workers from around the world. Tech entrepreneurs and skilled workers from other leading edge countries can have a catalytic effect on B.C.’s technology sector, leading to more jobs for British Columbians.

属于上述 32 类紧缺职业的申请人将有专门团队提供特殊服务,同时 每周邀请,优先处理。

August 28, 2017

BC PNP launches the Tech Pilot

The B.C. technology sector is a major driver of economic growth in the province with tech employment at its highest level ever recorded. The demand for talent in B.C.’s tech sector is increasing faster than the supply.

The priorities for the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology includes establishing B.C. as a preferred location for new and emerging technologies, increasing the growth of domestic B.C. tech companies and removing barriers to attracting skilled workers.

In support of these ministry priorities, we are introducing a pilot under the BC Provincial Nominee Program to ensure the technology sector can attract and retain the talent it needs to grow the sector further.

The BC PNP Tech Pilot will feature:

  • Dedicated concierge service - tech employers have access to relevant immigration information.
  • Weekly invitations for tech registrants to apply - tech employers have timely access to qualified individuals in the 32 key tech occupations.
  • Priority processing – dedicated BC PNP Tech Team and next business day assignment of tech applications in the 32 in-demand occupations.
  • Focused outreach and engagement –BC PNP sessions and events tailored for the tech sector, including one-on-one employer support.

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BC 雇主担保移民,了解这些就够了

飞出国:201806 BC PNP Tech Pilot Eligible Occupations 从2017年的32类职业调整为29类,删除了三个职业,没有新增,可以申请的人进一步减少:

  • 0113 采购经理 \ Purchasing managers
  • 1123 广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业 \ Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
  • 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问 | Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants

What is the BC PNP Tech Pilot?

  • The Tech Pilot is an initiative under the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) to support
    the tech sector in recruiting top international talent.

  • The pilot consists of:

    • weekly “tech only” invitations to apply to registrants working in one of 32 tech
      occupations in B.C.(applicants still need to register with the BC PNP)
    • dedicated concierge service for tech employers
    • priority processing for tech applications
    • targeted outreach and engagement to the tech sector

How long will it take for my tech application to be processed?

  • Most standard applications are processed within two to three months.
  • For complete applications under the BC PNP Tech Pilot, we will provide priority processing to
    meet the fast-paced demands of the sector.


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BC 雇主招聘 job offer 可移民,电子电器工程师,电子商务销售,医疗器械销售有机会

BC 技术试点项目延长到了2019年6月,还有1年时间

BC PNP Tech Pilot extended to June 2019

The BC PNP Tech Pilot has been extended for another year to provide employers with a degree of stability that will allow them to plan for their future staffing needs.

Updates to eligible Tech Pilot occupations

We have also updated the list of eligible occupations for the Tech Pilot to focus on the 29 tech occupations that have been demonstrated to be in high demand by the tech sector so that we can maintain the speed of service.

Labour market research conducted by the BC Tech Association and the Vancouver Economic Commission identified access to talent as the biggest issue facing the tech sector, posing the most significant barrier to economic growth.

The research identified 32 in-demand tech occupations, and eligibility for the BC PNP Tech Pilot was originally based on these 32 tech occupations. Based on actual demand from tech sector employers in the pilot’s first year, the pilot will continue with 29 of these occupations eligible under the pilot.


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BC 省提名科技人才试点放宽对雇主offer的要求

属于科技人才试点项目紧缺职业的申请人,只要求一年雇主offer且当前雇主offer期限还有120天就可以申请 BC PNP Tech Pilot。

Job offer duration requirement updates as of June 26, 2018:

As of June 26, 2018, to apply under the BC PNP Tech Pilot, you are no longer required to have an indeterminate job offer. However, your job offer must be at least one year (365 days) in duration, and there must be at least 120 days remaining on the job offer at the time of application.

Depending on your job, work experience and education, you can select the BC PNP category that is the best fit for you.


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BC 科技试点项目不需要 LMIA

不需要 LMIA,一年期 job offer就能申请。

BC tech pilot 速度快,大体流程是:1-2个月匹配雇主,1个月获雇主offer,1个月准备材料递省提名,3-4个月获省提名,递联邦材料,6个月获批,整体一年左右。

These BC PNP Tech Pilot services are in addition to the benefits that are available to all users of our program, such as:

  • pathways that don’t require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • work permit support letters for approved individuals that allow them to apply for a new work permit or renew their current work permit and continue to work throughout the permanent residency process with the federal government
  • client support services through email, phone and in-person


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