Jal 萨省雇主担保资格批准信 sinp job approval letter


JAL 萨省雇主担保资格批准信 JOB APPROVAL LETTER 申请介绍 - 飞出国

Register to Recruit and Hire Foreign Workers in Saskatchewan

SINP 雇主担保技术移民要求雇主先向萨省人力资源劳工部门申请 JAL(JOB APPROVAL LETTER),拥有JAL的雇主才有资格招聘海外技术工。申请 SINP 雇主担保省提名项目也需要附上该 JAL。

The SINP Job Approval Letter is an authorization of eligibility for an employer to hire a foreign worker through the SINP. Once approved, the job approval letter must be included in the foreign worker’s application to the SINP.

飞出国:萨省省提名雇主担保移民的核心是申请人获得萨省雇主的雇主 offer,雇主在给海外工人发放 job offer 时需要先取得萨省认证。经过多年的演变,当前萨省移民局已经设立了比较全面的雇主注册,认证及招聘海外工人的规章程序。申请 SINP 雇主认证是免费的。

Government of Saskatchewan: There’s no fee for applying to the SINP.

符合条件的雇主可以在线申请注册认证(Apply for a Certificate of Registration)。

Employers must submit an online application for a SINP Job Approval by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Submit a Job Approval Form for each type of position you intend to offer to a foreign worker.
  2. Provide a job description for the position, identifying the responsibilities and duties.
  3. Outline the education, skills, knowledge, abilities, language and salary required for the position.

SINP 认可的雇主是已经经营1年以上的,需要雇主提交申请表格及相关证明资料。

As an employer, you must also:

  • Provide a place of employment for a foreign worker that is zoned for commercial operations;
  • Actively operate as a business for **no less than one year** to be considered for approval by the SINP;
  • Be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada;
  • Disclose third-party representatives providing assistance during the recruitment process; and
  • Provide any documentation requested by an SINP officer to support your application, which may include financial statements, Incorporation documents; Canada Revenue Agency documents, Business License, Lease/Rental agreements; Business Payroll records; Contractors Permits; and Letter of Good Standing with the Workers Compensation Board.

Employers with outstanding labour standards or occupational health and safety issues may not be eligible. As well, employers with an unsatisfactory record of employment of foreign nationals may not be eligible to receive a Certificate of Registration.

Once registered, employers also need to apply to the appropriate provincial or federal program for approval of the specific job they intend to offer to a foreign national.

SINP JAL 一旦批准后有效期是半年,雇主可以给候选人记名。

The SINP will assess each Job Approval Form to determine if the position meets SINP criteria. All submitted positions must:

  • Meet the Regional Median Wage;
  • Meet the required National Occupation Classification (NOC) level for the applicable category (i.e. Skilled worker positions must fall into the high skilled (Level 0, A, or B) under the NOC system OR be a designated trade in Saskatchewan);
  • Meet full time permanent criteria (minimum of 30 hours/week); and
  • Have an intended residence and place of work that are within the geographic boundaries of Saskatchewan.
  • If the submitted position meets SINP criteria the position will be approved. Once it’s approved, the employer can add a candidate’s name to the position, creating a Candidate Specific Job Approval Letter which must be provided to the candidate.

The Candidate Specific Job Approval Letter is valid for a period of six months.

JAL 评估的标准主要是薪水,职业,工作时间这些。SINP 对 Job Offer 也有比较明确的要求。

Prepare a Job Offer Letter

The Job Offer must:

  • Indicate that the position is a permanent, full time (minimum 30 hours/week) skilled position(s) in Saskatchewan (non-seasonal);
  • Meet prevailing Regional Median Wage standards;
  • Be made to persons who meet the required qualifications and licensing, and possess the skills, experience and language abilities for the position;
  • Not conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements or labour disputes;
  • Be addressed to the Principal Applicant and written on company letterhead;
  • Include the contact name, phone number, e-mail address and company mailing address of the employer;
  • Indicate the location, job title, main duties and responsibilities of the position being offered;
  • State that the applicant has the required qualifications and licensing if required, as well as the skills, experience and language abilities for the position;
  • Indicate the salary for the position being offered;
  • Describe any benefits that the principal applicant will receive (e.g., health, dental, short/long term disability, accommodation, etc.); and
  • The job title, main duties and wages on the letter of offer must match those identified in the SINP Job Approval Letter for the position.


萨省雇主担保技术移民(国际工人类别) - SINP International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer
SINP Existing Work Permit Category-萨省已有工作许可类别申请条件
萨省省提名经验类移民-长途运输卡车司机项目介绍(SINP Saskatchewan Experience Category - Long Haul Truck Driver Project Sub-Category)
萨省雇主担保技术移民(国际工人类别) - SINP International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer
萨省省提名经验类移民-留学生项目介绍(SINP Saskatchewan Experience Category Student Sub-Category)

JAL 用于 SINP 申请:

The SINP Job Approval Letter is a pre-approved authorization for an employer to hire a foreign worker through the SINP. Once approved by the SINP, the employer must provide the Job Approval Letter to the foreign worker for inclusion in the application to the SINP.