PEI 省提名技术移民雇主资格及雇主offer要求 - PEI PNP Employer & Employment Criteria and Requirements

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PEI PNP 爱德华王子岛省提名移民对雇主及雇主offer的要求

爱德华王子岛省提名(PEI PNP)技术移民类别里(Immigrate to PEI as a Worker)大部分项目都需要有 PEI 雇主offer,PEI 省提名对雇主及雇主offer有如下要求:

  • 全职
  • 最少2年期
  • 申请人符合雇佣职业的就职要求
  • 劳动条件符合劳动法当地劳动力市场薪资水平
  • 不违法现有单位谈判协议及雇佣纠纷
  • 工作地点在 PEI 内
  • 需要执照或认证的职业需要满足PEI认证资格
  • 提供雇佣合同,包括全职工作机会的条款和条件,公司授权的负责人的签名,以及接受聘用条件和雇用条件的雇员(申请人)。
  • 向申请人和家庭提供安置支持,帮助他们建立。如果适用,提供劳动力市场影响评估(LMIA)
  • 可能会要求面试
  • 提供文档以证明在加拿大境内招聘已经失败的职业的工作,并且职位对雇主业务的运营至关重要。

PEI PNP Criteria and Requirements – Employer In all streams, the employer is responsible for ensuring:

  • Employment is full-time (training, internship or apprenticeship positions that terminate on a specific date will NOT be considered).
  • Employment contract is for a permanent position or a minimum length of 2 years.
  • Employment in the intended occupation is consistent with the applicant’s ability to perform the job based on the applicant’s education, training and/or experience.
  • Employment terms and conditions meet all applicable provincial and federal employment workplace standards and the comparable industry wage rate.
  • Employment of the applicant does not contravene existing bargaining unit agreements or employment disputes.
  • Employment is in Prince Edward Island.
  • Employment that requires provincial licensing or accreditation has been verified to ensure the applicant has the necessary credentials to be eligible to work in the occupation in Prince Edward Island.
  • Employment contract is provided, which includes the terms and conditions of the full-time job offer, signatures of the authorized signing officer of the company, and the employee (applicant) accepting the offer and conditions of employment.
  • Settlement support is provided to the applicant and the family to help them establish. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is provided, if applicable.
  • Attendance at an interview at the Office of Immigration, if required.
  • Documentation is provided to demonstrate effort to recruit for the intended profession has been unsuccessful within Canada and the position is critical to the operation of the employers business.



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