ACS要求补充official course curriculum (or syllabus) 有人遇到过吗




Please upload the following documents into the Online Application Form:

  1. Certified copy of your official course curriculum (or syllabus) for Bachelor of Electronic Business degree.

  2. An Abstract of Thesis (1-2 pages) with the following content:
    Overview of thesis & Design involved for the main section of the thesis.
    Letter from a supervisor providing a clear indication of:

  • Percentage of ICT and percentage of non-ICT (e.g math, stats, etc).
  • % of original development/implementation work done - what languages were involved.

Please note that this request has come from the assessor directly as at present they are unable to assess your qualification without the requested documentation.

A transcript has already been provided however the assessor has also specifically requested a copy official course curriculum (or syllabus).

In addition they have requested a thesis abstract supported by endorsement letter from the thesis supervisor. This has not been provided in the application.


按照ACS要求提供吧,他们需要看到这个课程大纲和论文摘要后来判断你学的electronic business是否可以算作ICT的major或者minor